The Games at Escape Leicester

We’ve some amazing games here at Escape Leicester ones we know you’re going to love. In this month’s post we’re going to give you a glimpse into our games here at Leicester to whet your appetite. We know that once you’ve read about them, you’ll be eager to come on down.

The games here are based on themes from popular culture that are then reinvented in a medium sized room that emulates the real thing. It’s so much fun and you can really lose yourself in your imagination for that one precious hour.

The Cabin

So called because there’s one in every forest and they’re always creepy as hell. This one is based on the one you’ve seen a million times in a horror movie, with the same terrifying tropes. In this cabin there are artefacts which are well hidden. You will need to uncover the clues to escape, but will you come out unscathed – who knows?


There’s a throne for the taking and a hidden sword if you find it you may be able to take it. First however, you’ll need to find the legendary sword by finding and working out the clues and to do this you’ll need to explore the castle thoroughly.

Witchcraft & Wizardry

You come back from school graduation only to find there’s something amiss and you’ve had your wand taken away and to retrieve it and regain your powers you’ll need to find the clues and solve them – good luck!

Area 51 – Is Roswell real?

There’s evidence to support the fact that possibly the basement contains the answers you’ve been seeking. Is it real or a conspiracy? Only you can find out by finding and solving the clues and get out of that basement within the hour.

The Da Vinci Room

The Holy Grail is hidden in this room, and you want it out in the open where everyone can see it, question is where is it exactly? So, while the cat is away (in this case a professor) the mouse will play and hopefully solve all the clues and unlock the door, thus also finding the grail. Can you do it?

Escape Leicester – where the unimaginable can happen in an hour

Now you know about the games we have here at Escape Room Games Leicester, why not come down and join us and try it out? You can book your room online or over the phone, whichever one you choose, you’ll have a great time. Don’t forget if you don’t get it first time, you can always come back and try again. In fact, why not come back over and over again, and try out every single room we have here at Escape Leicester – you’ll definitely have a great time!