Escape Room FAQs

Today we’ve got some of our most interesting and most frequently asked questions which we’ve selected carefully so you can read them before you visit us. We like to take care of all our visitors here at Escape Rooms Leicester, and we like to make sure you have all the information you will ever need before you get here. Let’s begin, shall we?

What Exactly are Escape Room Games?

These are moderately sized rooms furnished in a particular theme, taken from ideas from popular culture. You are in a team from about 2 to 6 people, who are also locked in the same room with you. You’re all searching for hidden clues. The secret to your release from the room lies in the clues you must find and solve within 60 minutes. You’ll search the room high and low and extremely thoroughly. You find them and then you work them out, if you’re successful, the door will be opened, and you get to escape. Do you and your team have what it takes to get out in time?

Could you Tell Us About Any Age Limits?

There are no age limits as such, but we’d advise you not to bring anyone under 10 as they may find it a little taxing as it is designed for adults. If you do decide to bring children under 16, then please do, but make sure they’re always accompanied by adults and that they don’t come alone as part of a group as we’d have to turn them away.

I Suffer With Claustrophobia, What Should I Do?

Don’t worry we can leave the doors open or unlocked or both. The rooms aren’t that small, but we’ll always work with you to help you feel comfortable while playing, so please ask us if you’d like us to do that for you. Remember, you can leave whenever you wish.

What’s the Maximum You Allow in Each Room?

At the very least have two people, because otherwise the game could get quite lonely and futile if you’re on your own Also, try to keep the numbers to a maximum of six if you can,otherwise it could get a bit cramped in there, and you’ll be falling over each other to get out.

How Much Time Will It All Take Aside From the Hour Inside the Room?

We’d say about an hour and a half because we’ll need to brief you on what to expect and tell you where all the exits are before you start. You’ll also need to figure out how long it will take you to get here whether it’s by foot, car or train and add that to the hour and half we’ve mentioned.

Escape Games Leicester – A One Hour Game You’ll Never, Ever Forget

So, we hope we’ve covered most of it, if there’s any more get in touch with us by giving us a call. One of our team will be more than happy to help you out in anyway we can. We want you to feel happy during your time here, so don’t hesitate to ask us – we look forward to seeing you soon!