The Ultimate Guide to Beating an Escape Room

If you’re looking to win for the first time at Escape Room Games, we’d like to offer you a few clues. You may not get it the first time, but you will have a few clues and better ideas on how to go about winning for the next time you play, and hopefully make you feel more confident. So read on to see how you can win at Escape. 

Keep clues and puzzles in one place

Don’t lose them, you may never see that particular clue again, or maybe even more than one if you’re too careless. If you do, you risk losing the entire game. There are a lot of different areas to consider and different parts of the room to look, so it makes sense to choose one particular place where you can collect them all in one tidy place until you’ve found every single clue.  

What does the inside of an Escape Room look like?

You’ll find that most Escape Rooms are designed to look very much the same and will follow the same rules. It will save you a lot of time if you familiarise yourself with the layout and you can do this online. It will save you time as you find your way around. Remember, clues won’t be hidden in such a way that it's too complicated to find them, know the room first and it’ll be easier when you get here to find them...

Play with people you're familiar with 

If you play with people you know there will be less chance of disagreements and  falling out, and you won’t be faced with the prospect of being with someone you can’t get on with. Pick people that have similar interests to you and people you know will play as you do – to win. They could be people you work with regularly, or perhaps close friends or family. Those who you work with is a great idea because there’ll be enough professional distance between you and it won’t be too personal.

Keep the team small and cosy.

Rules stipulate at least 2 to 6 players. We suggest you choose under the maximum of 6.  And you’ll have enough room to move around, and there’ll be no one bumping into each other or the walls. 

Escape Leicester – for the ultimate mind game

Now we’ve given you some ideas why not come on down and try the game you won’t forget - you’ll get a warm welcome, and if you don’t win the first time, try, and then try again. Book your room online or over the phone.