5 Fantastic Team Building Activities

We’re looking at the 5 of the best team building activities. We believe our escape games here at Leicester are the best for corporate team building, but we’re going to look at a few more with you, so you’ll have a choice of where to take your team. It’s a great way to identify new skills, and find your next project leader, and of course to get out of the building for the day and be in a new environment.

1 Scavenger Hunt

Move through the town or city where you live and solve a series of puzzles, find photographs, other physical items of interest, and clever visual clues. Once you’ve found everything on your hunt, if you get to the finish line first, you and your team could be in line for a prize. 

2 Boot Camp

For those with a strong constitution and physically fit. You’ll be spending the day with ex-military and you’ll be well and truly tested both mentally and physically. There’s all sorts of survival skills and techniques to pick up, and some escape and evade tactics should help your team to avoid any clashes with colleagues on their way to the top! Good for bonding and discovering new skills.

3 Sports Day

Complete with prizes for our team mates. Organise it within your company’s grounds and keep it cost effective. You can go somewhere else if you wish but it might be good to keep it on familiar ground. There’s healthy competition, medals and prizes and a lot of fun to be had. At the same time, you’ll get to identify new skills in your team and discover who’s your next protégé perhaps.

4 It’s a knockout

An old-fashioned idea where your teams work their way through a series of obstacles and water works, foam and anything else that’s sticky and messy. There’s a lot of fun to be had, and a perfect opportunity for your team to bond with each other. 

5 Escape Leicester - Challenging Escape Games

You’ll be locked in a room with between 2 to 6 people, and you’ll have to find your way out by solving a series of puzzles and clues which are hidden all over the themed room. You’ll need to work as a team to get out successfully, so there’s plenty of opportunity for bonding, and to identify who’s got the best problem-solving skills, analytical and communication skills and who has the potential to be part of something bigger and better within your organisation. We definitely believe you’ll get something good out of our Escape Games so come and book your room and the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll get to take part! Don’t delay, book today!

Escape Room Hints and Tips

We’re going to give you some hints and tips to help you escape the room. However, don’t worry if you can’t get out in time, within those 60 precious minutes, because you can always come back and try again!

Working cohesively with your team helps you to escape quicker – and in one piece!

Working as part of a team is crucial if you want to win. No arguing, and no one person just working in isolation and not consulting with anyone else. No one should be allowed to dominate or even two for that matter, unless two is the only amount of people you have in the room! Let everyone have their say, and by listening you could escape within the 60 minutes. Don’t waste the time you have in there arguing because it’s an ideal opportunity for you to enjoy yourself and have some fun. 

The clues are well hidden everywhere.

They’re probably hidden in places you wouldn’t even imagine, only by keeping your eyes peeled and turning things over, moving items out of the way and picking things up, and lifting things are you going to find them. So, don’t just look, investigate and then find a central place for them.

Why would you need to keep the clues all in one place?

If you keep all the clues together it’s less likely you’ll lose one of them. They all have a part to play and if you lose one you could lose the entire game. By allocating one place for them to stay, once you’ve discovered them all, you can then start to work them out. How do they all connect? What do the clues say and how are they going to help you escape? That’s the fun of the game!

Escape Leicester – where the clues are hidden, and your game plan needs to be first class.

Here at Leicester we pride ourselves on our ability to take care of all our players and provide a reasonably stress-free environment where you can enjoy yourself. We know that escape games are one of the best team games anyone’s come up with for some time and that once you’re here, you’re going to have the best time. So, what are you waiting for, book your room online or over the phone?